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  1. You can roll in to Mendoza and arrange everything there. Super friendly people. Everything except your overnight gear for a couple nights at Confluencia, the rest up by mules. Pretty easy to arrange logistics. Suggest base camp camping by the refugio, more quiet, less puke/piss (and remember people have been doing that in that base camp site for many years). Helipad will be your a.m. alarm clock. Sense of accomplishment arranging a climb like this, but as for the actual climbing I found that my time in Mendoza was more memorable (wine, steak, beautiful friendly women). If I had it to do over, I'd take the time off/cash for Aconcagua and instead go to Ecuador, Bolivia, or Peru and climb several mountains, eat the guinea pig and buy the poncho ;)


  2. May be moving up this year, I've spent several years in Anchorage/Girdwood but don't know much about Juneau. Anyone have first hand experience in this town? Curious about the usual ie: climbing, skiing, etc- but also the vibe, housing, culture, schools for when we have kids...

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