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  1. j_b said:

    Fence_Sitter said:

    Clinton took a hit for less, so why did Schwarzenegger's groping have no impact at the polls?


    also, this was what 30 years ago? fuck!


    er, no. some of the documented stories (on a british tv show set) are as recent as 2000.


    documented eh? where are you getting your sources? *troll* yellaf.gif see you fuckers later!!!! new rope-up in canuk-land! cya there! bigdrink.gif

  2. j_b said:

    it'd probably be quicker to discuss when trask is not trolling than the opposite. anyhow what difference does it make to respond here or there since we can be certain of trask making stupid 'comments' whatever the thread or context?


    no matter what version of reality we want to impress on others, facts always underscore any meaningful interpretation.


    fucking told ya! thumbs_up.gifyellaf.gifyellaf.gif

  3. JGowans said:

    By the way, I made this entire story up. I thought it might elicit a greater reaction, but I suppose the apathy should have been expected - much like the general ambivalence exhibited by the sheep watching the telly each night and gorging on a fecal feast of homeland vernacular spewed forth by none other than G.W. himself and his supporting cast.


    mabe cause it was pointed out that it was fake yesterday cheif?

  4. cracked said:

    trask said:

    you still up stirrin shit, fool? eat balls

    you're as bad as marylou, in fact i think you are marylou

    Naw, Marylou is an angel in comparison.


    and a rocket scientist as well... goes to show ya... all is relative. rolleyes.gif

  5. i am going there tomorrow... slowly mind you.. as we are fly fishing all the way there. i will let you know what i think of the ratings. i have climbed in europe, so i guess i have some understandings of the ratings, though i will not be able to fill you in on the 8+ categories. smirk.gifbigdrink.gif

  6. i smell a deleted post... but i will answer the deleted question anyways. truthfully, i would love to come hang out with you guys as 90% of you are bad-ass people, but i steered my buddy (who is driving) at this site and he doesn't wanna be anywhere near the place.... so yeah, that is the reason that i will possibly not be in attendance bigdrink.gif wish you a great weekend and hope that i will see ya there bigdrink.gif

  7. vegetablebelay said:

    j_b said:

    trask said:

    I wasn't talking to you, I was talking to b_j. Play nice or I'll have to report you. wave.gif


    disruption of a thread which he does not like. it must be trask exercising his freedom of speech ... again rolleyes.gif



    Just want to point out you're off topic, and you told Trask to fuck off just a bit ago. You've become everything you hate here. wave.gif


    self-loathing-homophobic-homosexual-clown puncher. pitty.gif

  8. mattp said:

    It's OK. You don't have to take home a keychain 'biner, Fence. But be sure to bring your beer stein.


    i assure you of that, tho i might be making alternative plans... climbing in the okanagan, fall colors and freezign ma azz off clippin bolts... could be watching beck throw chairs at maryloo.. yellaf.gif

  9. Clinton took a hit for less, so why did Schwarzenegger's groping have no impact at the polls?


    mabe cause it was in the oval office and hommes was gettin hummers while on our dime? confused.gif also, this was what 30 years ago? fuck! GWB was snortin coke not 10 ago! yellaf.gifmushsmile.gif

  10. talking about anarky after the monetary colapse, you liberal wankers better bend over for traskie boy cause he has the biggest non-military stockpile in washington. get ready to be punks biatches! yellaf.gifsmileysex5.gif

  11. marylou said:

    AlpineK said:

    Beck said:

    Bring firewood if you've got it... firewood guy pulled his support over a "personality conflict." Talk about pissing in the fire....


    Fuck off Mike Beck boxing_smiley.gifthumbs_down.gif




    so... beer is near nil. no firewood. but we are gonna get a whole bunch of keychain 'biners. schaweet. all this hullabaloo for this? phsaw. rolleyes.gifthe_finger.gif

  12. wirlwind said:

    ok but do u think michael moore is as biased as fortune mag at least he is in serch of the truth, which is quite obvious if you've ever seen one of his docamentories

    (fuck spellin) Geek_em8.gif


    unbiased info about the bush administration... da truth

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