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  1. I was on a sport route at 38, and I'm about 30' up, I look down to see my "belayer" lightin' up a cigarette! While I could care less if people smoke, I was about 10' above my last (i'm shamed to say...) bolt, so depending on his reaction time I could have made myself a little gaper-crater.


    that sucked, I've never climbed with him since...


    [Mad][Mad][big Drink][big Drink]


    p.s. what kind of beer should I have for lunch... [chubit]

  2. yeah, I have to say that's pretty fu#@ed up right there, I have worked with autistic and handicapped people quite a bit, and that poster is probably the most rude and offensive thing that I have ever seen on this site.


    Mountain(man?) grow up you stupid fuck.