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  1. I tend to lean towards oppose rather than support this proposal.


    What exactly is the problem we are trying to solve? If someone could show that there were active mineral and mining claims that could be activated in the proposed new boundaries, that might change my mind. In today's world, I find it unlikely that this would be a feasible area for a ski area. The gains from this proposal seem to be somewhat superficial.


    What we stand to lose however will be the big killer rappel bolt on Liberty Bell, the ability to climb in the WA Pass area w/o bureaucracy, the ability to mountain bike in the area, the ability to bring your dog, and the ability for professional guides to bring clients or instruct in the area, and lastly it will limit the ability of volunteer groups to learn to climb in the area. South Early Winters is a pretty popular first climb for many.


    Again, my mind could be changed if you showed me that there are locations in real danger of being turned into resource extraction, yuppie hotels, or carnival rides or whatever, but so far, I don't see what the real or perceived threat we would be protecting this land from might be.

  2. Bought but never used, this model is about 7 years old. Been kept in dry, secure storage the whole time. We just never ended up doing the kind of trip this is designed for. Denali in your future? Classic standard winter mountaineering tent. Get ready for winter expeditions. I just put this on the scale and the whole package with gear loft is 9.7 lbs. Send PM if interested.

  3. This is much bigger in terms of implications than the minimal outreach effort thus far. I only learned of this through an article in today's Seattle Times. This should be on everyone's radar, but apparently about half of the public events have already concluded. Pretty weak public outreach. If I understand correctly, every USFS administrative division should be undertaking a similar process right now as well. Around here, that would include Giffor Pinchot, and Olympic. Stuff I care about but visit less frequently in other states is at risk as well. I just looked at Olympic and couldn't determine if they are doing this. Has any organization or anyone created a central location for information to help us participate in any USFS division with facilities we may care about?

  4. Great job holding it together on the rescue. You were lucky that you were on a trade route.


    your helicopter arrived pretty quickly so whatever was used worked well in that location. It is not impossible that they merely ran into a ranger since that is a trade route and there are many rangers there notorious for checking permits. The rangers have the ability to radio or call back to HQ pretty easily.


    +1 for the McMurdo vs the SPOT. SPOT is more for fun uses, like bicycling the pacific coast and sending cute messages with location points to your blog daily. The McMurdo is a dedicated unit that has no subscription fee, and takes no space in your gear. It's the best, most cost effective thing out there at the moment. Next up in quality is a sat phone, but that is a big jump in price.

  5. I used these about 6 times. The boot shows size 10/11 and I am size 11 and they are a perfect fit. The Intuition liners are in beautiful condition, and the boots have only a couple minor scrapes on the outside. The binding fitting is in perfect condition. I just never ended up using this setup.




  6. If you are primarily interested in sending your location to your blog site then the SPOT seems like a reasonable desire. If your primary need is an absolute last resort emergency device, then get a PLB like the McMurdo.


    People are gravitating to devices that boast more and more features, just like all the other multi-purpose gadgets in our lives. The problem is that it shouldn't be considered a muti-purpose gadget at all, any more than your single-purpose smoke detector is.


    Many people are evaluating these things based on the nice extra features, but few are providing insight as to how they work at getting the immediate and accurate attention of search and rescue.


    Get the PLB and put it away and forget about it.

  7. Generally, if you ask to climb a route, we will yield and pull our top ropes if we don’t have climbers on it.



    The problem with this perspective is that by merely occupying so many routes, you place the burden on the other users to have to go and ask. Most people avoid conflict and I know I would rather just go elsewhere than have to enter a large group, not knowing who is running things and boldly make some request in front of a big group, only to be told that someone is climbing that. Taking up 5 routes is totally unacceptable. 3 should be max and you should rotate through those at that, ensuring they are free later.