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  1. Yo hommies,

    seems I'm waiting a few more days for the fun of T.N.F.

    I'm sure this week of new growth in them ancient clearcuts may increase the efforts, although I must agree the approach through the forest and traversing the ridge below the clifs is not the problem. Stompin through them so called clearcuts are a joke until winter.

    Anyone try ascending Shuksan Arm, descend the White Salmon glacier crossing basin below Hanging glacier and then up the last snow field to the saddle.?

    A nice cool day and some K G B

    [smile] and an ice cold bottle of stolli and Kool-Aid

  2. The bushwhack was thick at least last wed.

    slept in the bushes that night after two solid hours hiking at dusk and then at 1 am began another hour and a half, that was following selec.vol.1 description. It is when we left the forest that was the problem.

    Leather gloves would have been nice!

    We tried heading toward the arm on the way back which was slightly better, though being the growing season as we speak it's only getting thicker.We finished out above chair two I believe?

    I'll be back there sometime between Sat.- Wed.

    Anyone interested? [smile][big Drink]

  3. quote:

    Originally posted by Highlander:

    they got avied off the route.

    Might want to wait for cooler weather.

    Avied? Not quite!

    Icefall and rockfall were present.

    Our job on the North Face was to film the route and the objective hazards.

    The weather was warm, the snow was soft, and stopping frequently to film in those conditions were an uneccesary risk.


    Cooler weather would have been really nice, or perhaps some shade, but the sun shines directly on the face the moment it rises.


    Seems like a great route, and I was not happy about turning around after bushwacking through the night, and beginning the route.


    Will try again soon!


    Avy conditions on the slopes were not present!



  4. Maybe someone should toss this one next to Muir on sat., or possibly Alpine Lakes?

    Possibly even give ol'Snotty Anti Potsmokin Scotty his own famous page for all those so obsessed in the adventures of SAPS


    Maybe Beck will start a new thread Teddy meets scotty?


  5. quote:

    Originally posted by allison:

    THE BALLROOM is full of
    hot girls
    , great drinks, and smokers are welcome!!!


    However, it IS only one ZIP code away from where I live.

    Word! oo9 ain't missin out on this one [Wink][big Drink]


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