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  1. Mother of god, I saw the Carmina Burana performance last night at Benaroya Hall. It started off with a solo violinist, then intermission and then O Fortuna to start things off. Wow, that was awesome...


    Basically 100+ people singing, three soloists, and the full orchestra. Throw in primo seating and I could've cried at various points, it was so vibrant and powerful.


    So if this ever comes to your neck of the woods, go. There may be better versions on iTunes, but I bought the Boston Symphony/Ozawa version and it kicks butt. Nothing like the real thing though, props to all the performers last night.

  2. It's a holy book. Gospel according to Fred.


    "And I say unto thee, only those who find the obvious gully can approach my shrine."


    But I agree, it does sound like a potential microbrew...

  3. Seems like entire cities would qualify. Vail Pass has a nice parking lot which would qualify some for the two-mile club.


    Now how about the catbirdseat technicalities? Like if oral, do both qualify for the club, or only the 'active' participant? How about a dildo for women, men, or a combination of the two? How about all the scared sheep in Montana or the horse that killed a man a few months ago?


    More importantly, what is the highest recorded nookie in the world? This is assuming the Apollo missions were uneventful, so to speak...

  4. Added skill bonus if it's a cop car full of clowns. Ditto setting the trap off in reverse or with half naked clowns standing within the picture's frame as the clown car speeds through.

  5. Just thought I'd throw this out there and see if others would pitch in as to the feasibility of this.


    How about the tides? I'd guess good beta could be had through sea kayakers. Probably an even better idea to go across in a sea kayak to get a feel. I can see boating/shipping/ferry lanes presenting a big timing/visibility problem...


    I guess swimming in Lake Washington for training. Triathlete's wetsuit and fins. Assuming stuff sacks for gear flotation, how would you swim with tethered gear? Maybe it's a simple answer, but I wonder about getting entangled.


    I can see the wetsuit being unbearably hot to run/hike in on the peninsula. That said, given the boating issues and hot neoprene, maybe choosing a typical rainy seattle weather day would be more appropriate?


    Having friends in kayaks for backup/visibility seems like a good idea, as does a nice eurovan waiting at the trailhead for the return. Something like 40 miles from Green Lake to the top? Maybe around six miles of that is swimming?


    Insomnia sucks.

  6. It's just perspective, Stefan. Some teachers and nurses would be going ape-shit over the administration and their policies, while others see themselves doing a meaningful job. Ditto whether office politics jade you or you take them in stride... a means to an end.

    Maybe you're just experiencing adrenaline withdrawals and need to rap off some shitty sling in the Enchantments to regain perspective. wink.gif

  7. In order of desperation:


    Labor Ready : Multiple locations, they'll take most anyone, work today-get paid today. Take home about $35 for a regular shift. Varying degrees of difficulty and better if you have a car.


    Shuttle Express : If you have a good driving record, this company in Renton hires about 15 drivers per month. After one week of training and two days on the road, you're on your own and take home tips averaging about $40/day. So in a week and a half you'd have cash to take home on a daily basis. Basically minimum wage plus tips.


    Temp agencies : Look in the yellow pages. They'll do a skills assessment in-house. Don't mention being homeless, just state you're new to the area yadda yadda. Tell them what they want to hear. The downside is the paycheck is usually three weeks out.

  8. This doesn't sound too preventable, other than not going climbing. Using boulders as anchors is an accepted practice. Complacency is one thing, but I think it was just poor luck for three experienced leaders with the Mounties. A refrigerator sized boulder is one big-ass chunk of rock... maybe 6,000 pounds?

    Just off the top of my head, the last single rap from the beloved Tooth is a slung boulder. The N face of Concorde has a bolted rap station attached to a frickin large boulder resting on a ledge, and assuming this is the same Gary, we rapped off a slung boulder on Sherpa.


    Ditto the condolences to the friends and family of the deceased. It's depressing to hear about someone getting killed climbing and yet that danger is what lures us.




    No doubt, surfing the spray section of cc.com whilst at work "your own fucking responsibility"... roflmao yelrotflmao.gif I can just see some poor sap unable to minimize or close this odd video as it plays amongst coworkers, etc.

  10. I believe the record is 23 and some hours car-to-car, but it was set by a few RMI Guides (or maybe they were climbing rangers) who were, of course, already well acclimated.


    Oh man, here we go again... speed 'records' on Rainier rolleyes.gif