Trip: Mount Baker - Coleman Deming - car to car

Date: 7/30/2017

Trip Report:
Did a car to car of the Coleman Deming route on Mount Baker on Sunday. The trip took 14h car to car with 12h moving time. The route is in good condition with no crevasses that need much navigating through. There is a well worn boot path all the way. The Roman wall has about 300 ft of easy scree with a soft trail going through it (no need to remove crampons). The descent was straightforward. There was some serious wind on the submit plateau and especially on the summit proper.

Reached the trailhead about 10pm.
Slept 3 hours.
Started at 2:15am.
Heliotrope at 4:15am - about 2K gain
Roped up and refilled water.
Started on snow at 5am.
Summited at 10.15am - about 5K gain (total 7080 ft)
Descended to end of snow at 2pm.
Spent an hour there.
Reached the car at 4.15pm.

Gear Notes:
Standard crevasse rescue gear
30m glacier rope

Approach Notes:
Heliotrope ridge trail.
Take the climbers trail to the right about 1800 ft into the hike.