It's worthy of repeats, albeit conditions dependant. Getting across the schrund can be near-impossible later in the year, and the approach in winter (I can attest from previous attempts) is a real drag except with perfect conditions.   Aside from that, just about any route from Centre Creek is good. The east and NE ridges have reputations as pure rock climbs but they hold snow quite late in the year and are in mountaineering climb shape much more than in rock climb shape. I don't think the east ridge has had a winter ascent yet - it's been tried once or twice, even by a soloist with a bunch of fixed ropes - but the NE ridge had a FWA back in the late 70s? iirc and is a pretty compelling line at any time of year.   This is probably the easiest or second-easiest route to the summit of Rexford from Centre Creek. The north-south peak gully reportedly only hits 55 degrees so it may be easier; but, it is also a longer approach and more circuitous route from top of gully up the south face to the peak, so maybe more difficult overall.