National Lottery NorskTipping

NorskTipping is the national lottery, and the company also offers a wide range of lotteries, sports and instant games.

Lotteries with the biggest jackpots

In the modern era, national lotteries have evolved in such a way that they contribute to more than just small municipal projects. Lotteries have become an inseparable part of our lives. Our grandparents, ancestors, neighbours, teachers and most of the people around us used to play the lottery with the hope of a better future. This hope has grown so that lotteries with the biggest jackpots bring big winnings.

People from all parts of the world take an interest in playing Norsktipping, which eventually builds up the jackpot. You can buy your Norsktipping tickets online through the best online lottery agents that have been listed at

The Norsktipping jackpot has also reached a higher level than ever before. Norsktipping can be played both online and through online lottery agents. If you want to try out an unusual way of playing the lottery, you can bet on Norsktipping instead of just getting your tickets from the best online lottery websites.

How to buy tickets for the biggest lottery jackpots online

Buying tickets for the biggest lottery jackpots online is a lot easier than going to the market to buy a loaf of bread and a carton of milk. All you need to do is have an account at one of the online lotteries and an internet-connected mobile or desktop device. You can then browse through reviews of the best online lottery sites to decide which online lottery agent is right for you.

Once you have chosen an online lottery provider, you should create a free account. This is a simple process that takes a couple of minutes. Once you have registered you will need to verify your e-mail address (some operators also require telephone confirmation). Once you've verified, you'll be able to view active online lottery jackpots and start applying for your first lottery ticket. Once you're done, go ahead and check out and buy your lottery ticket. Good luck to everyone!

How the best online lotteries are rated

At not only are online lottery websites and online lottery agents checked, but also the national lotteries themselves. There are many national lotteries that you can play online. However, they vary in several ways such as lottery frequency, jackpot size, average number of players, availability from the best online lottery agents and reliability.

Drawing frequency: Most national and multinational lotteries are drawn every week or every fortnight. NorskTipping draws are held every Wednesday and Saturday. For avid lottery fans, the frequency of draws is very important.

Jackpot size: There is a large variation in the size of the jackpot. Jackpot size is what makes a lottery attractive or not.

Statistical number of players: This is something to keep an eye on. If the number of players in a particular lottery draw is high, the jackpot size will also be huge. On the other hand, the chance of splitting the jackpot is also higher. Well, splitting the $1.5 billion currency prize with two other players won't be the end of the world.

Availability from the best online lottery agents: To be able to play the national lottery online, it must be available primarily from major online retail lotteries.

Reliability: Some lottery operators are not entirely transparent about how they draw the numbers. Some national lottery operators have faced accusations such as rigged draws. We scrutinise lottery operators' histories when creating our guide.

NorskTipping will get exclusive content from developer NetEnt

Norsk Tipping is the state lottery. It has been revealed that NetEnt, a company that develops slot machines and other software, will now be an official partner of the organisation.

NorskTipping will get all the latest set of slots. And the intermediary in this will be supplier IGT, which is just linking NetEnt and the lottery. The company won the tender for the organisation of supply of gaming content for online casinos.

For NetEnt such a deal is a step forward. The company solidifies its leadership in the market and at the same time expands its range of content. The developer not only releases dozens of slot machines for online casinos every year, but also provides other types of gambling games, which include poker and lotteries.

NetEnt's latest innovation, Free Round Widget, will be available for NorskTipping users. This is a special gaming tool, thanks to which online casino representatives will be able to independently reward players with free spins for certain achievements. So Norsk Tipping players are in for a lot of pleasant innovations in the future.

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