Essay - what is it, how to write it

At university, essay writing is assigned by professors quite often, and in the first year students confuse the rules of writing this paper with the school guidelines. The approach to essay writing should be serious, because the teacher largely determines his/her attitude towards the student, based on his/her performance of independent works of a written nature.

In order to write a good blog post according to all the guidelines, it is necessary to first understand the essence of this assignment. The term denoting the work is of French origin - essay is translated as "sketch, outline, sample". From this it can be understood that the performance of the essay implies its own view of the problem, making an assessment, making inferences.

The difference between an essay and an essay

Students often confuse the requirements for these two university assignments. In essence, these papers are very similar, as they are descriptive in nature - they do not require research, confirming that the material has been studied. However, the essay refers, for the most part, to an analytical work, in which it is necessary to systematize the information obtained and processed.

Obligatory components of an essay

Among those parts that must necessarily consist of this work, we can highlight the following:

  • Introduction.
  • The main part, which is not divided into chapters.
  • Conclusion.
  • List of references used.

Additionally, the essay may contain a title page and a plan of content, as well as additions, if there is a need for them.

Characteristics of the essay as a type of research paper

If questions arise about how to write an essay, it is necessary to refer to the characteristics that apply to this type of research paper. These include:

The work is not devoted to a topic in general, but to a specific issue that should not be alienated in the process of writing.

The content of the essay reveals the author's position, his personal assessment of the issue under study, which is the main value of this type of work.

General phrases and references to the topic should be few, the main part of the work usually consists of own judgments, evaluation, criticism, conclusions and other elements of expressing the author's opinion.

Value of the essay for the teacher and for the student

This type of work is useful both for the teacher and for the student, because the correct execution of the work will allow him to raise his credibility in the eyes of the teacher. In view of this, it is necessary to know how to write an essay that will characterize the student from the best side.

During the essay review, the teacher pays attention to the student's judgment and attitude towards the issue, so the grade is often given on the basis of whether the student has really worked with the material, evaluated it and stated his/her opinion or just stated general phrases without going into the essence of the problem.

It is very important for a student to write a quality essay, because being able to convince the teacher that the student's subject is very interesting and he or she enjoyed doing the work can turn into some indulgences in the future. If it is a major subject, such an opportunity should not be missed.

Stages of writing a paper

In order for the essay to meet all the requirements, it is necessary to approach the performance in an organized manner and perform the work in stages.

Gathering and analyzing material

The essay implies an assessment of the problem, the author's opinion on the issue, so it is necessary to understand the issue thoroughly. Looking for information can be both on the Internet, and in printed sources, the main thing - to form a clear idea of the subject, not to leave any questions.

Forming one's own view of the problem.

After analyzing the information that the student has found, it is necessary to determine what position the student takes on the issue, what he/she agrees with and what theories he/she questions, what conclusions he/she can draw on the given topic. It is important to note that the opinions of the author of the work should be presented in the form of theses and supported by evidence, so the reliance on theoretical material should also be present in the essay.

Writing the paper

The final stage is structuring your thoughts in the paper in a logical sequence. The author indicates a certain opinion, then refers to the proof, etc. The introduction of the paper focuses on the problem, gives some theoretical information. The main part is constructed according to the "thesis-proof" layout. The conclusion indicates the conclusions reached by the student during the disclosure of the given topic.

The question of how to write an essay also includes the correct design of the work. Usually, the requirements for this type of assignment are standard, like for other research papers, but some educational institutions may put forward recommendations that differ from the standard, so this point should be clarified.

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