NW Snow Buddy iPhone App

One of our long time contributors (check out his ice climbing gear primer) here at Cascadeclimbers.com has put together a really cool tool for watching local snow conditions in the Pacific Northwest.   Dave Burdick, AKA AlpineDave, has created an iPhone/iPad app called NW Snow Buddy.  NW Snow Buddy is available now in the Apple iTunes Store, so click here to get it for $2.99.  From Dave’s webpage for the application (click to visit), it looks like he has plans for a version that works with the Android phones too.


Snag a copy and support Dave’s work!  Having the latest local snow and avalanche conditions in your hip pocket in a easy to read and instantly accessible format could be a life saver!

Main screen of the NW Snow Buddy app

Main screen of the NW Snow Buddy app

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