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2XU Men's Accelerate Compression Tights

In addition to the support of graduated compression, the men's 2XU Accelerate Compression tights have a flat waistband that's ideal for floorwork training where drawstrings might get in the way.

2XU Men's Print Accelerate Compression Tights

With a compression fit, 2XU Print Accelerate men's tights can help reduce muscle soreness and improve recovery. They're design to sit flat under your gear as a compressive base layer.

2XU Men's Refresh Recovery Compression Long-Sleeve Top

It's not only your legs that can benefit from compression. The 2XU Refresh Recovery Compression long-sleeve top helps your upper body recover by reducing soreness caused by repetitive movements.

2XU Men's Run 2-in-1 Compression Shorts

2XU Run 2-in-1 compression shorts have inner compression shorts that reduce muscle movement, soreness and fatigue, while the breathable stretch-woven outer shorts promote comfort and ease of movement.

2XU Men's Thermal Accelerate Compression Tights

Helping to keep you warm and supported from start to finish, the men's full-length 2XU Thermal Accelerate Compression tights are ready to improve your outdoor performance.

2XU Women's 24/7 Compression Socks

Prone to swelling and fatigue from sitting or standing for long periods of time? The women's 2XU 24/7 Compression socks use cotton yarns and padded zones in the footbeds for excellent comfort.

2XU Women's Compression Socks for Recovery

With graduated compression to increase circulation, the women's 2XU Compression Socks for Recovery help your muscles repair and recover following intense activity.

2XU Women's Compression Tri Shorts

A perfect partner to the 2XU Compression Tri singlet (not included), 2XU Compression Tri shorts will have you racing to the finish line with power, speed and comfort.

2XU Women's Fitness Compression 3/4 Tights

2XU Fitness Compression 3/4 tights for women deliver a sculpted fit that keeps you covered, comfortable and supported during your workouts and beyond.

2XU Women's Fitness Compression Tights

The women's 2XU Fitness Compression Tights provide a sculpted shape that keeps you covered, comfortable and supported during your workouts and beyond.

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