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wilderness first aid


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Looks like Mazamas teaches it but there are a few pre-reqs first:


CPR: $30

First Aid Basics: $30

Mountaineering First Aid (MFA) : $30 for the MFA lecture series, and $16 for the MFA Lodge Weekend (tuition only, lodge and meal fees extra).

Required text: Cost: $20


Here's the link to their web page:



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well very few people/agencies offer wilderness first aid and I think wilderness first responder training is more than he wants at this point and will prob set him back a few hundred dollars...Ivan start with Red Cross First Aid and CPR - good course!

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Ray, I understand the sentiment but I have taken that course twice and I did not find it to be inordinately full of BS. It is simply a classroom first aid course with a weekend outing at the end. You don't have to be a Mountaineer to take the course, there are no hoops to jump, the price was right, and I did actually learn something.

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A good reference for specific questions is the book "Medicine for Mountaineering" published by the Mountaineers. A bit big for keeping with you, and a bit dense to sit down and read to learn about WFA, but a great reference to keep around nonetheless. There's usually a copy at used book stores. In fact, I saw a copy at Magus in the U-district a couple of days ago.

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The book "Wilderness 911" by Eric A. Weiss is a great book. It covers everthing a backcountry backpacker/climber would need to know; first aid supplies, drugs, treatment of specific illnesses and injuries. After reading and studing this book, I talk to doctors and they ask if I'm a RN. Your local YMCA should have CPR classes for a good price. Our hospital (The Cleveland Clinic) has classes that range from CPR to full paramedic. Check that route out.


The web site below is a great resource.





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If you spent much time in the mountains you might understand the "love to hate" relationship between independent climbers and the mounties and Mazamas. Do a search on here for tons of stories of gang-roping and gaping. I personally want nothing to do with either group but can appreciate why someone may wish to go to them for instruction, camaraderie etc.


But then again, I am a sociopath.


You coming to the kegger?

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