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In eric's trip report for Hoodoo Peak or something he mentions that Libby Lake is the highest lake in the state. WRONG BIOTCH!!! rockband.gifthe_finger.gifthe_finger.gif It is edged out oh so slightly by Tranquil and Isolation Lakes in the Enchantments, Tranquil being between 7760 and 7800. Ooohhh.. who's wrong.. pitty.gifcry.gifcry.gifhahahahahhhahhahahhaha


Yes I'm very very bored.

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I agree. Tranquil and Isolation Lakes are higher than Libby Lake (7,618 ft) by the elevations indicated.


Last September before climbing up in the Libby Lake area, Tread Tramp and I stopped in at the Winthrop R.S. to pick up info on the trail in since we had none other than what was in my memory. The ranger gave me a one-page write up on the trail in which it proclaimed Libby Lake as being the highest in the state. At first I didn't believe it so went about searching my maps. I figured there had to be one in the Enchantments higher. I did not locate a lake in the Enchantments right away, got sidetracked, and thus assumed Libby Lake must be the highest (USFS can't be wrong, can they? rolleyes.gif).


Thanks for doing the extra legwork, Mega Nerd. bigdrink.gif

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