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Day trip suggestions on the way to/from/in Banff?


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So the lovely wife and I are taking the 4th of July week off and heading to Banff to visit some friends that moved there recently. We'll be cruising up in my camper. We'll probably jet up there and visit our friends for a few days and then take the next 6 or 7 days to work our way back.


Neither of us has been to Banff before so I'm looking for suggestions on good day climbs up there or on the way back to Seattle. Overnight is a possibility too although it's nicer not to have to pack too much extra gear. Since my wife is along, probably keeping things at 5.7 ish or under is good, long alpine rock, moderate snow/ice, even good scrambles. Or cragging/multipitch along the way?


Our camper is a 1984 Nissan Sunrader so it's fine on moderate dirt roads, but not 4wd and not a huge amount of clearance which I know is limiting for some spots. It sure is a nice place to get back to after a long day though.


Thanks all!

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Stay at the Castle Mtn. hut and climb Brewer's Buttress. Highly recommended exposed limestone route.


Or, climb the Grand Sentinel (also great): http://www.summitpost.org/grand-sentinel/155304


But maybe you should just bail out of the Rockies ASAP and climb at Roger's pass? (if the weather is good, and there aren't bear closures). So many uber classic moderate routes at the pass. And good rock, which is in short supply in the alpine of the Rockies.


You'll love it up there (if you get the weather)!

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which road are you taking to get to banff?


depending on your way to banff, you may be able to get in a route on Mt Gimli. awesome and prolly one of my favorite alpine rock climbs ever. but that would require coming up through idaho.


theoretically, one could do a day trip in buagboos if the objective was right above applebee dome area.


when climbing rock in banff, stay on quartzite (sentinel and castle mtn) and granite if possible. but you prolly know that already.

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Last summer we did some day climbs around the Canmore/Banff area which were easy multipitch routes. We did a couple on Cascade Mountain - Mother's Day and Valley View.




We climbed a few other places too, I can look them up if you're interested in more ideas there.

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Hey thanks everyone for the suggestions!


We are planning to drive up through Idaho but make it pretty quick to get up to visit our friends and then take longer on the drive back on the northerly route.


Brewer's buttress and that hut sound pretty nice and like my wife would have fun. We'll look at some of the other Lake Louise options too. Or go caving?


We thought it would be fun to hit Mt. Sir Donald on the way back but it may be a bit early for the ridge route still? Maybe the same for other Roger's Pass climbs or are there ones that melt out earlier and don't require too much snow gear for approaching?

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