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Madrone Wall - Construction Starts This August!


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Greetings Climbers,


We're mostly posting on Facecrack these days, but here is an update:


The County's goal grand opening Date is July 1, 2017 (Most likely because of nesting peregrines & giving them time to fledge.)


1) The Oregon National Guard (1249 from Salem) is on board to begin some of the construction work from Aug 5-20th (This Summer!). They will work 2 weeks straight to construct the road in from HWY 224.

2) The MWPC is working on a draft MOU with the County about what each of us is responsible for and will do to support the Madrone as a park.

3) Portland General Electric is cued up to install a light and connect electricity for an electric gate at the entrance from HWY 224.


There are not any scheduled dates for trailbuilding parties yet, but there will definitely be some and most likely after the main construction is done. We're on our way folks!


Stay tuned and like us on FB (Search Madrone Wall Preservation Committee)




President, MWPC

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Thanks for asking, Chad.


Yes, there will be seasonal peregrine closures. We are in the process of drafting an MOU. We also have to draft management plans. I am sure that the first day of the closure will always happen ( Feb 1st - a guess?). But if there is not a successful eyrie come late May, climbing and hiking may resume before a July opening.


I am not stating what will be for certain, but I am making guesses based on what is happening with other climbing areas, like the Monument at Smith.


I will continue to post important updates here.


Thanks for asking!


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