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i never wished a man dead...


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so...is the senate gonna launch an 11 month filibuster?


Yes that, or something like it, would be my first guess. Everyone'll rightly expect a good fight to get the next one confirmed under this administration's time left.


This man took his stands and was in the arena, doing his best as he saw it. I respect that, and hell, 79 years is a damn good run I'd say AND dying in your sleep! Pretty lucky guy all in all...


Sad for his family and friends. Including Justice Ginzburg, who really enjoyed his company.



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SCOTUS' no decision is a good result in Friedrich v CTA. Man, back in the day I worked in an "open shop" and it really pissed me off to see folks "opt out" of paying their share for representation. It effectively split the shop and nobody was happy, except maybe management. Fuck them, and the rats ya know?


Under no illusions were Justice Scalia still with us this result would not have happened...



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that doesn't seem a hard circle to square - it's practically impossible to achieve unanimity on any issue, so it has to be reserved for the most extreme of decisions, no?


the main thing that annoys me about our system is that a majority can say you should be in charge, but, if you don't hold the congress too, it doesn't matter in the least, b/c you can't do anything (including so basic a thing as fill a vacancy in a public court, let alone enact a policy agenda you actually ran on)

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We've still got Mr Natural Law, unmuted even. But then, Ruthizelah, still sharp, is but a winterz leaf, so the scales havent tipped away from Genesis and Jibberish just yet.


And there is 2016, with its election predictions bouncing end to end like electrons. Fascarchistic inferno or Femhawkian Superstate? The amperage is way up in the monkey cage. New rule: No rules. No shows, too.


Baby Huey's potential shitwake-a bloated continuation of the one that trails him now, would be no fun to clean up, but we Americans do seem to love to fuck up a good thing.


The models, such as they, seem to show a liberal halo at the end of this rainbow flag, but all change brings both light and dark.


The States are really where its at, anyway. Cascadia risin'.

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