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[TR] Mt. Hood - DKHW Right, Wy'East Traverse, Wy'East Ski 2/2/2016

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Trip: Mt. Hood - DKHW Right, Wy'East Traverse, Wy'East Ski


Date: 2/2/2016


Trip Report:

Cruised up the right variation (third from left) of DKHW yesterday with Randy. It was a bit cold but the snow was great. Had to wallow a bit in a couple spots but once we got to the bottom of the route it turned bomber. The climbing was easy and a ton of fun...less than 5min on route between the bottom of the headwall and the Wy'East ridge.


Hit the traverse in deep but stable snow. We also went low (thanks for the tip on that one Jason) since we were soloing and the upper traverse that's in the book looked a little spicier on account of the feathers.


Climbed up to about 15 feet below the summit ridge...felt like we had got what we came for so we down climbed to our skies which we had dropped before the traverse. Even though the huge wind slab that covered the entire Wy'East face was really well bonded, we figured there was no need to push our luck by letting the sun do any more work on the slope.


The ski was strenuous as we were on breakable crust for the first 2000 feet or so, but it was a lot of fun. Left the car at T-line a few minutes before 5 and got down to HRM about 1...mellow pace due to the nice cold conditions.


Sounds like the conditions were pretty similar to what Jason posted about last week but I think the snow is a little better bonded now. Super fun day and had the place to ourselves! Pics aren't great 'cause we're wimps and didn't want to handle phones in the cold.




Gear Notes:

No gear. Simul Solo


Approach Notes:

Chilly Wy_East_Traverse.jpgRandy_DKHW3.JPG

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