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[TR] Canadian Rockies - Ghost 1/3/2016

John Frieh

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Trip: Canadian Rockies - Ghost


Date: 1/3/2016


Trip Report:

First time in the ghost. AMAZING! Big thanks to Tim Banfield for the tour and place to stay in Calgary. World Class.


Climbed in the Valley of the Birds and Beowulf first day and Sorcerer on day 2.


All photos by Tim or Nate Goodwin


Daniel Harro on Yellow BirdDan_Yellow_Bird_1.jpg





Truly one of the all time best









Gear Notes:

Standard kit


Approach Notes:

Stock Toyota Tundra no lift.

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Looks amazing up there! Hoping to get on some Canadian ice this winter myself. Could a Subaru Outback make the approaches?


Unless driving conditions are ideal I wouldn't suggest it.


We went in to the Sorcerer last February in far snowier conditions and had no trouble in Subaru Outback. I'm 99% sure we drove the standard "North Ghost" approach, but then had to park a mile or two before where someone in a hi-clearance 4WD car could get to, but the subsequent walk was flat. We used hefty trash bags to keep our feet dry on a couple shallow stream wadings.


Maybe the roads all degraded over the summer, but there are multiple approach roads for the area, so maybe the road the John and his friends drove was different than our road. (The Waiparous Option sounds more like 5.10 driving...)


Great photos! The top pitch on the Sorcerer was wild.

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I'm sure a outback could get up and down the big hill, but not much further into the north ghost. I have ssen outbacks make it into the south ghost. The waiporous seems a little trickier this year, but we managed to get in and out with a stock Tacoma, but the ruts on the last hill did require us to throw some 2x4's in to get out. Hydro is ultra fat this year.


Looks like a fun trip, it's always a good day getting in and out of the ghost!


How was the new track to VOB?

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I'm sure a outback could get up and down the big hill, but not much further into the north ghost.

After cutting the trees on the way to Ghost, Big Hill is not the crux, it's the drifts way before Big Hill, that will stop Subarus. And yes, after the floods and inability to drive on the dike, you will need a h/c vehicle to go to North Ghost.


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