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Atomic Powder Skis for sale!

Avi Meyer

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I have some atomic ritual skis with bindings to sell. They are mounted with white atomic bindings. They are 174cm length and 106mm in waist. They are in excellent condition. There are a couple scuff marks on the top but they do not affect the performance at all. You can't even tell they exist when your on the mountain. You really have to look closely to see the scuffs.


Here is a short description i wrote in my entry on geartrade.com

These skis are chargers! If you are looking to ski all mountain, but powder and steep terrain when available, these skis are great. The titanium insert inside the wood makes them the perfect flex for skiing steeps, making big mountain turns, and even hitting small cliffs. I asume they are also good at hitting big cliffs, but I haven't tried that. They are in pretty good condition too. There are a couple scuffs on the top, but they are not visible unless you are really looking for them. None of the scuffs affect the performance. The other day I was on the lift with my friend and I told him I was selling these skis (because I'm getting a 2016 model) and he said wow you are probobly going to get a good deal because they are in near mint condition. Though they aren't in mint condition, they are in great condition... so great that he couldn't even tell that they had a couple scuffs. The scuffs are small and merely asthetic. The Atomic bindings are good, easy to adjust, easy to click in, and easy to click out. That's all I have to say.


I'm looking for about $250. other offers will be considered of course

If you want to see pictures just tell me with your email.

We can talk about shipping as well.



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