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Quarks and Quasars for sale (BOTH SOLD)

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Cleaning out the basement:


Charlet Moser Quark Ice hammer set. (SOLD)

Brilliant waterfall ice tools, with class-leading ergonomics, an easy swing-weight, and a pick that penetrates and hooks like magic. Both tools are well-used, but entirely without defects or flaws. Both are equipped with Black Diamond Android leashes, which (if you`re going to use leashes at all) combine great security, reasonable access and egress, and the highly desirable trait of being able to unclip to place gear, etc, then easily re-clip. The installed picks have both had the first teeth modified for better hooking. Included are: one adze; one spare ‘Cascade’ pick (well used); one spare ‘Cascade’ pick (unused, in original packaging); two spare ‘Quad’ picks (unused; thicker, for ‘brutal’ use); spare bolts; and one 5mm hex wrench. Total retail value is about CDN $ 900. Selling price CDN $ 250.


23445004402_ddfb93e24c_z.jpg20150990 by Don Serl, on Flickr


Charlet Moser Quasar hammer and axe set (SOLD)

Revolutionary and state of the art twenty years ago, and still admirably competent tools, especially for hard alpine climbing. The set consists of two shafts, one set up with a compact hammer head, the other with an adze. Both have slider-type leashes attached. These have large openings, suitable for mountaineering handwear, and have a simple, effective, and secure opening and closing system. Both tools have seen a lot of use, but are without defects or flaws. And both have been ‘alpine-ized’ to increase their suitability for hard mountaineering use. The modifications include:

1. ‘Chandelier’ spikes filed off underside of pick

2. ‘Hammer knob’ filed off top rear of pick (both 1 and 2 so as to increase comfort to the hand and reduce wear on gloves), and

3. Bottom knob on shaft ground back (to allow plunging shaft into firm snow)

Many extras are included: two full-sized hammer heads; two spare waterfall picks (lightly used); two ‘Upgrade’ picks (unused); one compact hammer head (if you want to go double-hammers rather than hammer and adze); one weight set; a set of spare bolts; and a pair of 5mm hex wrenches.

CDN $150 for the whole works.


22925280974_a8092c7d50_z.jpg20151002 by Don Serl, on Flickr

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