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First Ascents in The Cascades - Most Prolific??


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Sounds interesting. What kinds of FAs are you talking about? Alpine summits via all routes, including class 2-4 scrambles? multi-pitch rock routes? Ice? Single pitch rock? Alpine mixed? You'll likely get different answers for each category. I suspect pulling data for any one will involve sleuthing through AAJ, Beckey guides and other books, and more modern internet sources. Look forward to seeing the results.

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I Haaaaaate vague questions like this, but I'll bite. There are many different sports-within-the sport

Peak bagging FAs: Roper, or Lage

tough alpine rock routes: Brian Burdo or Doorish

Traverses: yours truly

Alpine ice and mixed routes: not sure

Old school classic lines: Fred Beckey

Last Great problems: Rolf Larsen, Eric Wehrley

FWA: not sure

Sport: Burdo/Yoder

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Thanks for your input folks! Super stoked to learn about good ol' Lage Wernstedt. And, really sorry to ruin your day, Wayne!


Anyways, of course there are many different categories, and categories of categories. I was curious about all types of first ascents, which is why I was vague about it. After asking a ton of people, a few of whom have started lists or thought of starting a list...alas, I have found nothing remotely comprehensive for any "category"...


Always fun to dig in a do a little research, though. Through my efforts I discovered a bunch of new places to explore in this beautiful place we live! Happy Holiday, All!

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