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Interior guy lines?


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I own several tents, Rei mountain 2, black diamond first light, etc. They all have multiple interior attachment points. I know some of the attachment points are for accessories like a gear loft. What is the purpose of all the other interior attachment points in tents? I thought I read something about interior guy lines, or cord ran between these to give the tent more strength in high winds??? Any info???? Is that what these points are for?

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Just wonder if there is a certain way to rig it or what.

My Stephenson Warmlite has wind stabilizers which I've never used. The only instructions I've found are what's mentioned on their website, "Wind stabilizers: diagonal inside straps from each side of each pole down to far end of pole, greatly stiffening and supporting pole." Here's a photo I found online.tent_stabilizer.jpg

Obviously the "X" formed by interior lines will not make movement convenient inside the tent, but I guess that's a trade off for not having your tent ripped to shreds with you inside, assuming it works. Having been inside a tent during screaming winds it won't let you sleep any better because you won't be sleeping anyway.

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I have experienced the need for inside guy lines only twice in 40 years. I got caught in a freak/quick winterstorm out toward Rainier and the winds were 60/65mph and snow was dumping a foot per hour it seemed. So after fighting the freight train express and shoveling snow all night off my 3- season tent, I rigged all the tie points diagonal - and it worked, so snow load and high winds are the issue.

The other time was up at Ingalls Peak, getting hammered by almost the same issues. Even with tryi.ng to beat the weather gurus at their own game, you can still get slammed. Of course the outside guy lines hopefully help or a 4 season tent. Sometimes a snow cave is an alternative but can be pretty sketchy in fresh snow.

I suppose you could check the internet/manufactures - especially Black Diamond's site for good technical info. It is like being in a spider web, but as you say - one is trying to hold down both the tent and yourself from being blown away.

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