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"Everest " the movie


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Interesting perspective by Scott Fischer's wife. I think there are several messages here. When one becomes a "public" figure there is a loss control over their image. It is unavoidable. Just look at what happens when one becomes involved with politics. One has to have a thick skin as do those close to them.


It is good that she is focusing her efforts on what she can control. Even if Wikipedi is a PITA it does show one can make a difference.


As for the events, there will always be different views. And regardless if a movie is made it will bastardize the events. No ifs, ands, or buts. That is Hollywood.


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That is Hollywood.

as a history teacher, i'd also argue: that's just history. like it or not, there's no such thing as an unbiased, unemotional, unequivocal account of an event involving human beings. we instinctively feel there should be an objective history, but human instincts are shit )

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I thought it did a fair job visually depicting folks putting lives at risk commercializing the hauling of incompetent people up and down fixed lines. What it failed miserably at was explaining pretty much anything about what was shown and especially the fact no one should be in that business and that it's no place for people without the requisite alpine experience.

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And, finally, this...




Finally someone gets wise and puts an end to what has been, in my opinion, a diminution of this great mountain.




Not going to fix a thing. What kills people is inexperience. Guided trips facilitate inexperience. The only remedy is to ban guided trips. If someone can afford to pay 100K for a guided trip up on Everest, they also can afford to be guided up on 7K peak. Do you really think getting to a top of something like Aconcagua with a guide yields enough alpine/high altitude experience building? People, who pay for guided ascents simply do not go through enough development in the alpine. And the moment shit hits the fan (like storms) they simply fold and die.

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