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PDX Beer Run Trip Report

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So, I suppose this is the right forum to post in. And, I am sure "PDX Beer Run" is copywritten.


Anyway, on Saturday, August 15th, I could not leave town, but needed to get in some mileage.


I hit the gym for a workout, then came home. I live a mile or so from Multnomah Village. I jogged up to MV where I met my wife, mother-in-law and daughter and we watched the Multnomah Days parade.


When that was done, I jogged up to Hillsdale, where Sasquatch Brewing is. It was closed, since it was 11:30am, and I did not want to wait till noon. So I jogged to McMenamins right up the road and had an pint of session IPA. Not bad.


From there, I jogged to Deschutes Brewing in NW Portland and had a pint of Fresh Squeezed.


Then I headed across the Broadway Bridge. I was heading to Ecliptic Brewing, when I passed Ex Novo Brewing. I stopped and had a nice glass of Eliot IPA. (yes, I switched to glasses!). The guys at Ex Novo were great.


I then jogged up past Ecliptic to Stormbreaker brewing and had a glass of their IPA. Pretty good as well!


From there I headed back south, but had to take a bio break at Ex Novo as I jogged back by.


I hit Base Camp Brewing, which apparently only sells pints. I like the facility but am not huge on the beer.


Then, it was on to Baerlic Brewing. Decent stuff there.


I headed south toward Sellwood. On the way, I passed a place that I believe is called Thompson Distillery. Anyway, I guess the makers of Brew Dr. Kombucha distill teas into booze. I tried a few of those as they were doing a free tasting.


Then it was on down to Sellwood, where I intended to meet my wife and daughter for dinner at Laurelwood. Unfortunately, I arrived a half hour early, so I had to go over to Lompoc Oaks Bottom and have a pint of C-Note.


Then, I hit Laurelwood and and had a pint of Workhorse along with my burger and tots.


I think I calculated maybe 17 miles, 6 pints or so, and a litte booze.


I think if I organized, I could probably get a lot of people to join me! But, I'm in Portland, so I'm sure it's already being done.


Sorry, no pics. They would have been all blurry at the end anyway!

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If anyone is up for joining me for round two, I'm going to do it tomorrow. If not for the jog, for the beer.


I will be starting at Sasquatch at noon, then heading to Fat Head's, then to Ecliptic, Burnside, Lucky Lab, and down to Laurelwood.


Should be to Laurelwood in Sellwood around 6:30pm.


I may sneak in Hair of the Dog and Hub if I am making good time.

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I'd rather do the running all at once then drink the beer all at once. I've never been one for moderation. And beer and running together don't seem too easy on the tummy.

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Never understood the beer mile thing. Getting all barfy just doesn't sound like my idea of a good time.

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I managed to hold it all down!


Started at home a little before noon.


Hit Sasquatch Brewing and had a pint of their Woodboy IPA

Headed down to Fat Head's Brewing and had a pint of Head Hunter IPA

Then, across the bridge to Ex Novo and had a glass of Eliot IPA

Just up the street to Ecliptic and a glass of Orbiter IPA

Went south to Lucky Lab on Hawthorne and had a pint of Dog Day (I think!)

Down the road to 13 Virtues where I had a pint of forgettable IPA (not the name - just a description)

And, finally, to Laurelwood where I had a pint of Workhorse IPA and a great burger with the family.


I think 17 miles is pretty accurate. I would recommend waiting at least 6 months between such runs so you forget how sore your quads are afterward.


I was really impressed with Fat Head's. I am oviously an IPA guy, and would like to go back and try their double and triple IPAs. (I avoided those on the jog!)

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I can ride my bike drunk... do it often enough


Running, though... just feels like it would feel crappy


All that foam bouncing around in the tum tum? And 17 miles of running... f'n a, man. I could probably do 17.



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Well, technically, biking under the influence is against the law in Oregon.


Running under the influence is not, unless the broader public intoxication statutes are applied.


And, I was running in pretty much a straight line!

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