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Why aren't there very many black climbers?


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Great topic!

My dad lives in chicago and teaches in the south side to a very very poor all black neighborhood. He's shown them photos of me climbing. 100% of the response was that I'm very very stupid.


Maybe there's a gene thats on the same group that is on the series of genes that determines racial characteristics that determines if one likes outdoor activities. Scientists think they've discovered a gene that determines if you'll be a risk taker or not.


Here's a question for y'all. How many of you are the youngest child in your family? I am.

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1) Trask you're comments are so stunningly offensive I can't believe you posted them publicly


2) only


3) there can't be a simple answer to this question. A great topic to be sure. My guess is that has something to do with how a person is raised. My love of the moutains stems from my time w/my parents as a child. In a sense, what I'm saying is that it's passed on from generation to generation. If you're not exposed to it as a child there may be less of chance that you'll find it as an adult. I agree that the demographics of the PNW probably doesn't help the local numbers of minority climbers either!

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Minx: My love of the mountains didn't come from my folks who were too busy for anything other than camping (Although we did spend the whole summer camping in Truckee when I was 9, all of us in a tent, while my Dad built the boss's cabin on North Shore).

My love of the mountains acutally came from my Jr. High Algebra teacher who used to take groups of us into Yosemite and Inyo for two week trips. It was a blast! Nothing since has ever come close to the fun I had on those trips. smile.gif

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I was the youngest of 2 until my father split and had too more youngens 21 years later. I personally love the little wankers.


It took many years to chase those demons from my head. You could try therapy. My suggestion is to drink heavily, go to as many dead shows as possible and remember as little as possible. Then again, the doctor says my liver is malfunctioning (what the hell are ALTs?).



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