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Feathered Friends Snowbunting or Widgeon?


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I have a WM Antelope bag and even in the long length I don't have room to put water bottles and stuff at the foot of the bag. My feet touch the bottom, which is strange because I'm only 6'2". I found that Feathered Friends bags are longer. I like the hood of the WM bag better, but fitting my gear in takes priority. Does anyone have a Snowbunting or Widgeon? Is the only difference between these 2 bags down fill weight? Is tuck/stitch baffling important? My Antelope has overfill with a fill weight approx the same as the Widgeon, so I am leaning that direction. Use is winter and mountaineering lower 48. Thanks

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I had a FF Widgeon, which I recently sold. I think the only difference between it and the Snowbunting is the amount of loft. You can call FF to verify that. I'm not sure about construction techniques, but I felt the quality of FF and WM were comparable (I also have a WM Super Apache). One thing about the Widgeon is it felt rather constricting compared to my WM bag in terms of girth, and I'm not an especially big guy. I did use it on Denali so I was wearing most of my insulation, expect my parka, which I draped over the top at 17k.

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