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OZONE - Route Updates


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As an extension to the 2014 route updates here is what's up:


A) Variety 5.8 - new top anchors were added so the route can be rappelled.


B) Whine and Cheese 5.10d - this route was cleaned up and retro bolted to eliminate decking on the 1st ledge. A direct variation was added which offers more climbing in the grade by ascending directly up the overhang/bulge mid route. The direct variation doesn't require gear and is completely bolt protected.


C) Meth Rage 5.7 - top anchors were replaced with 1/2" SS


D) Tofutie Cutie 5.11a - a new route added between Meth Rage and Mrs. Norris. Bolts and 1 optional pc of gear ~1" after the third bolt.


E) Mrs. Norris 5.11c - this route was retro bolted, extended and had the old pins removed. It no longer requires gear and now climbs all the way to the Meth Rage anchors.


F) The Crumbling 5.12a - the scary bolts were pulled and replaced and this route also was extended to the Meth Rage anchors.


The prior update thread: 2014 Ozone Updates


Note that updates to routes are also posted on Mt Project

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Plunked a new route in on the Gold Wall yesterday between Kung Fu and Whine & Cheese. It follows a crack line up the wall and finishes at the Kung Fu anchors.


It needs a bit more cleaning which I will get to in the coming weeks and might get a bolt.



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