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[TR] Lincoln Peak - Wilkes-Booth Route (NW Face) Grade 4+ AI4+ 3/13/2015


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Nice one, gents!


As to the name: there has been for 30 years or more a little "tension" since "rock climbing" naming sensibility was transported to "alpine" climbs but there remains some sensitivity.


Places like the 'Gunks have had climbs with joke and innuendo names for at least 50 and maybe 75 years but the alpine realm has been different. I know, there was Watusi Rodeo, 30 years ago, so it's been a long time since we called every new MOUNTAIN route the left hand variation of the west face of Mount X, but I understand why somebody would not appreciate the humor in naming a route after somebody who shot a president.


Again, though, NICE ONE GENTS. And Wilkes-Booth it is.

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Thanks gents for the great photos, what a spectacular line!


And I am in full agreement with Scurlock, you put out the effort to complete the route, therefore you name it as to your preference. Being Canadian I wasn't immediately familiar with the significance of the name. I was a bit perplexed until I googled it and I now must agree it is perfect for the peak.

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