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adidas outdoor presents REINHOLD MESSNER

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bummer on John Roskelley interview of R. Messner. Totally terrible, inappropriate questions lacking respect for both audience and someone's who's accomplished so much.

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So then, Roskelley might not be guaranteed your vote if he runs for office again?


No doubt some of the questions were simply stupid even if they were an attempt at humor ("what is your favorite brand of lawnmower" WTF?) but I really liked the format of a casual fireside chat between friends as opposed to a completely reverential moderator asking the usual boring questions he has been asked a zillion times and I doubt the Mounties could have found someone else that Reinhold could feel as relaxed with.


I have seen Reinhold about 15 years ago and the first half slide show was basically identical. During the Roskelley chat, I learned more about him than through his books and slideshow. Even through the dumb lawn mower question we learned that Reinhold's wife "wears the pants in the family" and she basically takes care of the castle. I liked the questions about his view of the Dawn Wall and the two recent Ueli Steck controversies and hearing Reinhold soften on style matters ("I have changed my view and I am less concerned about the style someone climbs anymore and more that they are honest about what style they used" or something like that).


Anyway, although at times awkward it appeared to me that Reinhold was comfortable and having fun. This was a far cry from the Reinhold I saw the day before when he crashed our private Super Bowl party and watched in horror the spectacle of American football warts and all (i.e., with rabid 12th men jumping up and down, a booming PA system and 5 feet from a 100" screen). It was like dropping the Dali Lama in front row seats at a mixed martial arts fight - Reinhold was definitely not into it. Does he look like he is having fun?




Lastly, Roskelley being happy/goofy was nice change from most elder PNW mountaineers who I usually find way too serious.


Long winded way of saying, I liked the format and Roskelley was the probably the right man for the job but he needed an editor (EVERYONE needs an editor).


And yes, obviously, my whole reason for replying is a chance to show off that pic.

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