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Carrying your water on alpine objectives?

JP Peters

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I use dromedary's, 2, 4 or 6 litres depending on what I'm up to. The only time I fill my 6 litre fully is for camp. As far as taste goes, on a 'serious' objective I have bigger things to worry about than the taste of my water. As long as I'm not going to die of dehydration I'm pretty content.


A half litre nalgene is great for a quick hit clipped to the harness or waist strap of a pack. It's also ideal for making hot water bottles for shivering it out overnight in the winter. A hot water bottle can keep you relatively cozy held close to the body for a couple hours! Then drink it and brew up again. It's always good getting two birds stoned at once.

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I like the sock idea. I do something similar with beer cozies. Also pictured is my Japanese thermos with the flip top. The Cascade 1 liter bottles are about 79 cents at Winco, filled with tonic water!


I've given up on bladders and hoses for any trip below freezing. Insulated, not, it doesn't seem to matter. Sooner or later I'm thirsty and my hose is frozen.




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I agree - most hoses freeze as well as the mouth piece.

I've used Hot Gatorade in a thermos or Nalgene hard liter.

The guides on Rainier won't even allow bladders or hoses even in the summer due to various failures . Someday I'll go into the story about waking up at 2am for my Rainier assault and having a couple quarts of Gatorade soaking my tent, pack and parka. duh.

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4 liter MSR dromedary

1 liter collapsible platypus

1 8oz nalgene bottle clipped around the waist


System: If I know I am on approach on trail. I do not fill the dromedary or platypus. I use the little nalgene bottle and drink when I come across streams. This means no weight of water in the pack. Now when I want a hot drink at camp, I use the little nalgene bottle. It is also good to have MSR dromedary bag for water use at camp.


when i know I will have longer periods without water then I will use the dromedary bag.


The 1 liter platypus collapsible is a backup system and use for in camp. And guess what? I have let other people

use it, more than I have.


I have had about 8 different plastic bladders. The MSR Dromedary has lasted for strength the longest compared to all of them by 2 twice as long....and it is still going strong.



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