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Banks Lake - Rock Updates?


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Hi all,


Finally managed to make it south down to banks lake a few weekends back. Some great routes on good rock with a beauty setting.


We climbed backside of northrup on the last day, on the left wall. There seem to be 3 or so new sport lines(felt around 10b, 10c, 11c/d) in between "ignorance is bliss" and "the leopard", also a few half finished lines between "leopard" and "the great tradition" anyone know of any updates or what those lines are?


- Climbed "the great tradition" at the end of the day and found the closest rap station had been stripped, ended up having to traverse right to some project bolts and getting off that way. Kinda interesting.



Any info would be much appreciated.


Cheers / K

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Most of them are Rick LaBelle's, the guidebook author. He is having trouble with the guidebook publisher re how to distribute the information. Since we are not supposed to post other people's info, I can't forward the info he sent me, but you are right. there is a dirty 5.12a, a 5.11b/c on small crimps, then a 5.10b/c up small crimps between Ignorance and Leopoard. there are other new routes further to climbers left also.

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