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stress fracture? bored as fuh


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So I think I have a stress fracture... still. Long story, had it in a boot for 7 weeks, took it off like a jumped up idiot because the dumb doctor couldnt get me in for an MRI for two more weeks...


Anyway, I need something to take my mind off climbing. Its prime season at Smith and the good alpine routes are coming into shape and I'm staring down the barrel of another couple months or more of fawk all. I'm in grad school so I'm kinda busy but still need something to break up the homework and endless BS.


I know this is spray... entertain me in my self-pity and misery you hopefully healthy assholes! :)

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Yeah I know. Normally my other go-tos would be running, skiing, biking, and hiking... all of them are out. I've been watching Netflix :D but too much screen time turns me into a grouchy zombie ::skull:: . I have also been tooling around on the guitar but that's kind of like climbing on sharp crimps... you can only practice so much before it just becomes unpleasant. I've been cranking out pullups on the hangboard too... but again you can only do so much (got a pretty bad crick in the neck when I did 102 last week). My wife gets a gym membership through work so hopefully I can swim and bike a bit as this gets better. Anything worth doing outdoors that only requires one foot? :crazy:

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Yoga sounds hard when you can't stand on one foot. Kayaking sounds fun though. I have some friends with kayaks, maybe I can borrow them for some spins... winter kayaking sounds hard core, maybe even more fun than alpinism in a blizzard! Gene, I would love to build something, used to do that a lot, unfortunately we rent right now so my options are limited. Maybe I'll make a crack machine and invert it for some campus-roofclimbing. I was thinking about a road trip to the coast too... I'm sure some vitamin D deprivation will really speed up my bone growth :D

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Kayaking is fun but can be hard core in the winter. With the right gear it's cool though. Tillamook Bay seems like it could be fun to explore, or paddling around the full length of Cape Lookout if you're super hardcore (probably something that requires a lot of skill and experience though).


Do you have enough space in your place for a homebrewing setup? Not physical, but good stuff, a good "go to" hobby between summer and full-on winter.

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Thank you gentlemen... I have now dabbled in almost all the above listed activities (no details).


Just saw a foot specialist after 3+ months of minimal activity. The official diagnosis is now acute tendonitis of the peroneus brevis which is impinging itself and getting all pissy and inflamed. Glad its not a bone thing, but basically cant do sh1t except ice it hard and baby it. Possibility of surgery down the road if it doesn't improve...


I am cleared for all boring activities, in-line, low impact motion in supportive footwear on even surfaces (no hiking, climbing or running), only boring stuff like stationary nike and swimming...


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