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New Zealand Climbing suggestions for February


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So I'm going on a 2.5 week honeymoon in New Zealand in February. My lovely wife has agreed to a couple of days of alpine climbing, but I need to figure out a good objective that is:

1. Easy-Moderate(read 5.7ish or WI3ish)

2. Takes 2 days or less

3. Is super fun.


Any suggestions?

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By Feb, I think the glaciers will be pretty broken up, but I guess a lot depends on how the season is progressing. I would highly recommend the SE ridge on Aspiring if it wasn't melted out. You can heli in and out, making two days doable.




Do some bouldering at Castle Hill. Scramble Mount Owen. Climb some of the easy routes (sorry, forget which ones) out of the Homer Hut (if you get the weather). Do the Copeland crossing from Mount Cook Village to the West Coast.


My experience is that most of the alpine climbing in NZ is more serious than the Cascades (i.e. not what most think of as a "honeymoon").


But, the tramping and huts are fantastic, so don't worry too much about climbing cool stuff. Hiking around and taking pictures will be memorable enough!

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With a 2.5 week itinerary I'd imagine that you'll be sticking to the South Island - but on the off chance that the North Island is on the menu the volcanoes on the Central Plateau - Ruapehu, Nguaruhoe (Mt Doom) are worth a look if you're willing to substitute some non-technical scrambling. There are some more technical routes on Mt. Taranaki, but I'm not sure what kind of shape they're in.



Also - if you haven't already done so, make use of the NZAC site:

Lot's of very helpful info there, and they can probably put you in touch with folks who will have good suggestions for the sort of route that you're looking for.



Also - since this is a honeymoon trip you'll be taking...don't leave the country without trying a bottle of Marlborough Sauvignon Blanc, particularly paired with some local seafood. I've never been a wine enthusiast, and was never a fan of whites, but that stuff won me over and I've been an addict ever since.


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