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Enchantment Lakes Climbing


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Does anyone know of any fairly easy trad/sport routes in the Enchantment Lakes area? I'll be around Colchuck Lake/Aasgard pass and am going with relatively new climbers on a backpacking trip and would love to throw in some climbing into the mix. Still debating as this would be a lot of gear to backpack up with, but if I can nail down a good route I wouldn't mind brining the extra weight.



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Depending on how much adventure you're looking to get into, Prussik peak w. ridge isn't a terrible beginner route. The first two pitches are straight up and easy to follow. The next few pitches do just as much traversing as they do climbing, and are somewhat difficult to protect for a nervous follower - hard to avoid pendulum potential without causing undue friction.... The raps are fairly easy... recommend double 60s - what I've always used and it's always landed me at very nice benches, well suited for newbie climbers...


here's a TR from a climb I did last year...


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What about Mount Temple / Temple Ridge as described in Nelson & Potterfeld's Selected Volume I book? I like W Ridge of Prusik, but wouldn't take total noobies up there. Temple has the climbing feel but is easy to get on and off of. Also noobs (in my experience) struggle with friction-y climbing, of which there is some on Prusik. Finally, relative to Prusik, you're unlikely to have other parties in good weather.

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Comet Spire has a great West ridgeline on it. Couple (2?) pitches maybe 5.6 to a classy summit. We traversed Razorback (W-E) as well along the way. A nice half day adventure with maybe 4 5th class pitches a couple rappels and two cool summits. I bet there is some other short moderate stuff up there as well.


Though at that grade you might as well do the W ridge of Prusik.

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