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[TR] Selkirks, Glacier - Life after School 9/18/2014


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Trip: Selkirks, Glacier - Life after School


Date: 9/18/2014


Trip Report:

David was on vacation and I just graduated from PA school and took my boards; perfect timing for our fifth annual September climbing trip. Similar to previous trips, this trip wouldn't be the same as the last. I was still in Spokane, suffering from the the mental fog that is post national certifying exam, when David arrived. Thankfully we were minutes away from the "Leavenworth of Spokane" also known as Tum Tum. Granite domes, questionable bolting and no guidebooks. David got on the sharp end and realized he wasn't driving I-90 anymore.




The next morning we got our first "alpine start" of the trip and drove into North Idaho, seeking the fabled alpine granite that no one climbs.




It was one of those days were everything took longer than it should have. Nonetheless, David got the money pitch, and climbed it in style.





We eventually made our way to Montana, my new place of residence. A recent winter storm had deposited enough snow to shut down the Going to Sun road. Rumors circulated, but no one could really say what conditions were like up high. No problem though. We'll find out for ourselves.





We found a little of everything. Bare ground. Two foot snow drifts. Ice. Slush.




David was able to experience the high quality of rock in Glacier National Park as well.




Hard to beat this, regardless of rock quality or snow conditions.




We continued on to the eastside of the park to find a drier experience.






Makes for scenic breaks.




David took a rest day and attended to real life responsibilities. I answered to the sirens of the Park and ventured out for another day.




Fall days in the Park are spectacular. Especially when the rock is solid.




Whether its school, rock climbing, or mountaineering, the challenges along the way makes the accomplishment that much more special.



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I don't know the answers to your question, but I've been doing most of climbing and running around the core area, and they are always there.


Per their website: "We offer one hour tours and half hour tours. The one hour tour encompasses the entire Park. The tour begins by taking you up the east side of the Continental Divide to the Canadian border to Waterton Park, then down the west side of the Continental Divide back to West Glacier. The half hour tour gives you a very good cross section of Glacier Park enabling you to view the Parks major glaciers and lakes. "


At least the winter time is nice and quiet!

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