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WTB: Your Old Sport Climbing Gear


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I'm just getting into lead/sport climbing after doing a fair amount of top rope. I'm a broke graduate student, so I'm looking to buy cheap used gear with some life left in it.


Here's what I already own:


Belay Device

1x locking carabiner



Here's what I'm looking to buy:

Helmet (very large head)

Quickdraws (12x or so)


A few more locking and non-locking carabiners

Chalk bag

Maybe a rope (leaning towards asking for an unused one for Christmas)


If there's anything else I'm missing from my list that you found useful when you were learning to sport climb, please let me know. You can either post here with the gear you have to sell, prices, and preferably a picture, or email that info to me at jvance08@gmail.com. Thanks!

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You can get a dozen Cypher Firefly quick draws from GearX.com for $8.75 each. That is pretty cheap for lightweight reasonable quality quick draws. I have the same set (branded Climb Axe) that I use for sport, they work fine. Grab some slings and lockers from the same vendor while you're at it and you'll be well on your way to having a good sport set up. You don't need much else, prob just 2x 48" slings, a couple 24" slings, 2x lockers like the Mammut element screw gate, and a few more random niners and you're good to go.

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I have this gear currently available here on the CascadeClimbers site:




I'll sell the chalk bag separately if you want (right now it's on one of the harnesses I'm selling). It's an Arc'Teryx and is in fairly good condition, $10.


I have two ropes to sell, one is 9.5mm x 60 meters and the other is 9mm x 50 meters. I used the 9mm strictly for glacier climbing. The 9.5mm I used for trad and alpine climbing and is lightly used. I'll sell either or both of them you for $50 each.



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