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Gear & book sell off


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Hi all,


It's been a long time since I have been active on the site. Please: any of my old friends PM me or respond to this thread.


I am probably moving to Argentina for the mountains and the back roads.


I have to get rid of a lot of climbing gear and mountaineering books. I will start a list soon.


To start with...may I have an offer for 1-31 Alpinist magazine set in good to excellent shape ( sorry, I don't have the Zero).


If you need something, PM me and I might have it for pre-sale. I am keeping some of my ice and high altitude stuff but most of my rock gear is up of grabs. I am willing to sell extra cheap if you are worthy and broke. I also have a couple of items that might be museum stuff. An original Chouinard rock hammer for instance.


stay out - steve

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okay, so here goes a list of guide books. I'll follow with technique guides and couch books.


I'll give (name), (author), shape (1-10) 1 is readable and 10 is mint, copy right date and edition (if not the first). Most are "make offer" on the price. If not I will suggest a price. Offer me one dollar and I might take it.






Colorado Front Range Bouldering, Bob Horan, 8, '89


Mountaineering in Iceland, Ari Guomundsson, 7, '95 ( hard to find guide)


Climber's guide to Smith Rock, Watts (of course), 5, '92


Red Rocks Select, Todd Swain, 6, '93


Haleakala - a guide to the mountain, Angela Kepler, 8, '88


Yuraq Janka, J Ricker, 5, '77 second edition, Very rare but essential to climb in Peru $15+


Climbers Guide to Yosimite Valley, Steve Roper, 4, '71 first edition...a true classic


Owens River Gorge Climbs, Marty Lewis, 6, '93


A climbing guide to Oregon, N. Dodge, 5, "75


A climbers guide to Sakha (BC.), McLane, 6, '93


Sport Crags in S. Ca., Troy Mayr, 7, '92


Desert Rock, Eric Bjornstad, 8, '96


Denali Climbing Guide, Secor, 7, '98


Cascade Alpine Guide -Columbia River to Stevens Pass, Beckey...but you already knew that, 9, Second edition '79


Tahoe Rock, Meytras, 5, '87


Rock Climbs of TahQuitz and Suicide (where I started), Vogel, 7, '85


Climbing the Cascade Volcanos, Smoot, 7, '93


A Climbers guide to Glacier Point Apron ( My old home turf, I climbed almost everything in the guide), Bruce Morris (The serious Dude), 3, '81, Super SUPER rare ( maybe unfindable and signed copy) but still the only GP specific guide ( I think). Cheap to a good home to somebody that will use it.



The Climb, Anatoli Boukreev, 2, '97, FREE and I will pay for the postage if you are interested in the Everest disaster and read "into thin air" which sucked IMHO.



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missed ya ole'boy - good to see yer still out there sucking wind :)


you got a nice red alien or purple camalot?


argentina? shiiiiit, you turning into a reformed nazi? :)


Hey Ivan, good to hear from you too. Nope no Nazi shit....I just love the Andes. If you want TMI my daughter is gay and my step daughter is black...nazi does not really fit my profile.


I do have a purple Camalot. It is practically new...I hated carrying that SOB around, never fell on it, barely has a scratch. You could probably take it back to REI as new. Got a red metolious quad cam...might be the sam size as an alien. I'm not sure. What size do you want?


later - s

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I have gotten rid of everything that is the least bit questionable. Anything I sell is within 80% of new condition. Frankly, I don't want the liability of selling some old worn out piece of climbing gear.


Make an offer...


CAMS and hardware


A complete set of Camalots 0.1 to 4...11 total.


an extra #2...my favorite size


0,1 & 2 metolious tri cams


4 & 5 Metolious quad cams


purple & silver Wired Bliss tri cams... I love these for finger cracks


1 through 4 of these crazy strong custom wired cam slide wedges, strong as hell, perfect for tip cracks, brilliant design except they fix. If you take a hard fall the crack owns it...not you; But, hey, your still alive. They grab better than any cam made.


5 old school tri cams, blue through pink


1-9 Wild Country Rocks


12 very small wedges


several KB's LA's and angles


3 old jumars


6 unused bashies


lots of soft gear


some odd ball wedges and hexcentrics


gobs of 'biners


let me know if you want something, I'll get into other stuff later - steve



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Ivan...you have over 15000 posts???!?

yes, i usually have very little to say :)


yeah, the small .5 camalot - whatever price you wanna pounce upon, venerable sir - 30$?


plenty of room in the world for black lesbian nazis! shit, it's all the rage these days :)

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Nope, had to tear it down! A raccoon momma crawled in back of it and had a litter. It was nuts and stuck to high heaven. I eventually just tore everything out just to get rid of the smell, plus I needed to paint that side of the house.


Yeah, but to get out and enjoy the hills before we have to be wheeled up them.

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Are you aware what climbing gear sells for in Argentina? You could probably put an ad on the wall at Club Andino and sell for double what you'd get here. Or better yet, sell for same price and make a lot of local climbers happy. :)

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if steve and i can arrive at a price for the whole set, i will work things out with you ivan to ensure you get a purple 0.5. you guys are friends and i don't want do wrong by either of you in the deal. mountain gear has a complete set of the newer c4s for $570 shipped as part of their current sale. optimistically, i was hoping to be in the $250ish range for a set of the older camalots. if not, i will probably pass.

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