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Spots to Solo Toprope at X32 / X38


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Looking to do some solo TR laps on random weekday mornings when things aren't crowded. Ideally 10s and 11s.


I know Repo Walls at X32 and Gritscone at X38 are toprope-able (e.g. there's a walkup where one can reach the anchors without necessarily having to lead the route). What else? I've been to a lot of cliffs with partners for leading and such and haven't checked to see if there's walkups. I could just explore them all on foot (will probably happen anyway), but hoped some kind souls here would save me a little time and energy.

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Under Pressure is an excellent new few four star route at the Truck Town crag at the Far Side that's mid-11 where you can easily walk to the anchor at the top. That one's a bit tricky to find, though the new guide should help, so send me a pm and I'll take you there sometime.


Another is Small Arms Fire, 10c thin face, at Shangri-La. See Bladerunner FA TR for info.


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