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Evil $%#*!% Vermin


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I used to love animals, then I moved to Colorado. I'll be spending my summer in Washington doing some backpacking in Goat Rocks and Olympic then AAI's AMTL 1,2 &3 and hopefully doing some climbing afterwards. In Colorado I've become quite paranoid about vermin destroying gear and vehicles. My best friends tent and sleeping bag have been shredded. I recently had a rabbit (I used to think they were cute) chew the hell out of the waist strap on my pack one night, I chased him off several times feeling quite Elmer Fuddish (I was actually muttering "kill the wabbit" roaming around at night in my skivvies). I had a porcupine chewing on my truck one night, thankfully I was sleeping in it and chased it off. I've also seen many trip reports detailing damage that porcupines and marmots have done to vehicles, chewed electrical wires, brake lines etc. leading to costly tows and or repairs. Is this an issue in Washington, are there areas where this is more prone? Can I look forward to keeping my prejudice and hatred towards animals to a Colorado based paranoia?!

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Nope, no different. Marmots that steal bags, ravens that steal windshield wipers, snaffles that steal sleep and anything they can carry, raccoons and bears that raid trash, and goats that steal souls. Assholes are the same no matter which state they live. I'd know; I've lived in several.

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