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FS:Sportiva Batura 38.5 These boots kick a$$!

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I've got a moderately used pair of Sportiva Baturas that i'm hoping will go to a loving home. They come with a left foot and right foot boot both in size 38.5 (i have no idea what that is in 'merican sizing) These are probably a bit to small for your girlfriend so think about your 14 year old son who might be looking to do Cerro Torre or maybe the North Buttress of Hunter. The boots would be very comfortable on either route. In fact they might even remember some of the moves on the headwall of Cerro Torre. They happily got me up there two years ago. Though I was ready to burn them when I got back to town but that is another story. What else... since I don't have great technique I may of kicked the gaiter once or twice and a little bit of the rand is peeling away but these will make you look like a regular when you are talking big game at the coffee shop in Ouray. You can tell everyone these boots went up the 2nd winter ascent of the Greenwood-Locke on Mt Temple. You may also want to mention that is the route that Steve House nearly died on a couple years before. I customized the zipper pull cord with 4mm cord. One is yellow and one is black. It helped me remember which one was the left boot and which one was the right boot. I emailed Sportiva a pic of my custom mod thinking they may want to incorporate the technology into the new version but they went with velcro instead, big mistake!


I'd like to get at least $250 bananas for these boots but i'd accept up to $300 if you are the right person. If you walked into REI and bought them new they'd cost nearly 3 times that much money and you'd be thankful you got such warm boots because you'd probably be living on the street next month since you won't be able to afford to pay rent. So what I'm saying is these boots will keep you off the streets. I think that is a fair price to pay for such a magnificent pair of boots.




The summit of Cerro Torre looks knarly huh? It would be unless you had a pair of Baturas on like me.





I'm pretty sure this is the pitch that Steve House took an 80 footer on and almost died. It felt easy to me because I had Baturas on. I swear the toprope had nothing to do with that.




They prefer to be paired with French crampons as we all know most French things are better than our american made shit. Wine, Cheese, Women and Crampons.





Look at these babies! They will take you to the places of your wildest dreams and leave you in your worst nightmare!




Thats the front of the boot where the crampons attach. And the part of the boot that kicks the shit out of the mountain.

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this is the best "for sale" ad ever.

If I had teeny tiny girly feet like you and a smartphone, I would buy it and wear it around a local starbucks, commenting on "see this post on my smartphone and how rad I could be if I wasn't so weak".


I like how you bust on 'merican women a little and expect there to be a 'merican male to fit these puppies. :)

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There are plenty of dudes that will fit these boots, its just they have to be a midget like me or RuMR.


I forgot to mention they also make nice sleepwear. I will guarantee you can fall asleep anywhere, even on a thin overhanging wind lip on the summit of Cerro Torre. You just won't give a f#uck with these boots on.




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I agree with Gene, by far the best ad ever. I might buy buy them just to put on a shelf with your photos hanging all around them. Sort of a shrine to badassness.

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Ok. I'm pretty disappointed no one wants to buy these boots... Seriously what is wrong with you people? It's no excuse that they don't fit!


To sweeten the deal I'll throw in a print of the below photo. I think the size is something like 10"x14" I'll even sign it if you want.


Gotta act fast though as I'll be leaving the country on Tuesday morning and don't plan on coming back to 'merica till they kick me out of frenchie land.



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