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Dirtbag needs partners Index/Squamish/Erie!


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Hey all!


I'm a desert dirtbag moved up to the Northwest for some summer work. I'm currently holed up in Anacortes WA about 5 minutes away from Mt. Erie.


I start work June 6th, and am looking to climb as much as possible until then.


Problem is I don't have any climbing partners and am not familiar with the local area.


I have a desert trad rack (nest of cams) and a small amount of passive gear. I climb hard 10's in the desert, but feel comfortable with easy 10's here on granite. I'm looking to improve my granite climbing.


Anyways, I am a nice guy, all smiles with solid safe technique. If you wanna climb PM me cause that is ALL I wanna do :)




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Hi Sam -


Any chance index tomorrow (Thur) would work for you? I'll be in the Mt Vernon area looking to climb. We sound similar in the climbing realm - I'll enjoy getting a bit spanked on index 10s. I'd be psyched to get out.


I'll be on planes traveling back to WA today but will do my best to check back here - texting would work great too:

two one four - six seven six three nine four four




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