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LOL...well we'll see. Forecast was for rain then supposed to be good. And if weather sucks or things are too cramped we gotta a backup plan!


Primary Plan for Pubclub tonight March 19 is still Chucks Hop Shop on 85th from 7pm till 10 or 11 or whatever.


656 NW 85th in the Greenwood neighborhood.



if we are not there for some reason, we will be at the Lamplighter.

820 NW 85th Street

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It was really great this time! Sorry you couldn't link up Wayne, but there will be more. I will post up the contest winner(s) tomorrow. Great time, I think we can improve on the venue as far as how it fits our particular group. But we made it work, and the crew was strong including the climbing book author guy who joined us and hung out all night.


Thanks to all that came out, it was great to see you and to hear some stories.


Stay tuned to this thread, we'll have another pubclub soon and there should be even more stuff for us to give away (might cost you a song and a dance for entertainment purposes).

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another thing that happened tonight was the anointing of Rolf to the Big Ballers Club. The last couple of hardman TESTPIECES to go down in the Cascades have fallen to a couple of guys. One being the OB, or Original Baller, Senor Wehrly. But the unsung one, the one (and we all know how much Wehrly is all about tooting his horn) who lead all the hard pitches...well that was Rolf, my BFF. Welcome to the club Rolf! I wish I was more than the guy who just printed the t-shirts, but you guys do all the heavy lifting. Remember, you can't talk about it. Shhhhhhhh...long deserved, good to see you tonight man. and Kelly too. Wehrly was at the last pubclub, so we gave him the night off.












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Shirts: I have lots of large and XL left, possibly 1 medium.


We need to have ideas for another contest, preferably ideas that result in lots of good conversations/story telling. We could even do what we did last time as that worked great. I have more Seattle Bouldering Project passes to give away, and I think a few pieces of outdoor clothing.


Next Pubclub will be not this coming week, but the first week of April.


I would like to propose West Seattle or Georgetown. In West Seattle the Beveridge Place is awesome, or there is this new place called the Bridge just up the street from it.

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OK, so next Pubclub is Thursday April 3rd.


Come meet up, get one of the remaining T-shirts I have to give out, and maybe win a Seattle Bouldering Project pass card.


I think I only have Large and XL T-shirts left.


Meet up with potential climbing partners, swap spring and summer plans, and share a drink with friends old and new.

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