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Usage at CC.com in decline


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1) User experience: the forums need responsive design to handle mobile and tablet viewing. A mobile app isn't necessary if the site design is responsive, and most people won't use a mobile app. Need to migrate from UBB sooner rather than later to stem the death of the site. Main landing page of the site is great with new redesign, but needs the same applied to the forums.


2) Insider club. Spray overflowing into reasonable conversations, perception of getting criticized for asking questions or posting lame TRs of simple climbs. Old boys club.



I've been lurking here for probably about 10 years (though some of that time was spent outside the Northwest and some not climbing much).


#2 explains why I've never started posting, this has not been a place I've felt safe to post even a "thanks for the TR." I think the overall tenor has improved over recent years, but it's hard to change a long standing perception of a place.


I'm climbing the most I ever have right now and #1 contributes to why I don't post. If the format doesn't work well on my phone, I'm rarely going to check in away from work.


I do end up reading a TR on Super Topo every now and then because they post a link on Twitter. I think that type of marketing is effective, but it takes some time.

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meh. since dinosaurs walked the earth climbers have been typified by their rough-neck demeanours n' earthy attitudes - it's a sport for grumps n' grand personalities! i can't imagine warren harding or lionel terray or george mallory being so timid as to wax enthusiastic on a fellow's trip out of fear so total strange would call them a doo-doo-head over it. :)


it's been a looooong time since cap'n'caveman had carte-blanche to be a bastard 'rooooound here :rawk:

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I don't mean to pick on you, Ivan. They have an argument and you feel the need to instantly rebut it, and prove their point in the process. We are trying to collect feedback on how to make this site better. We know your opinion, it's now time to let others chime in on how they would like to use the site and see it improve.

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I lurk these days, nothing to add because I don't climb for shit. Times change and people change. No heart for trolling or newbie bashing, either.


I think that people are finding other outlets for their self-aggrandizing and hyper-narcissism, Facebook being the prime example. "The Death Cult of the Glowing Rectangles".


Most of the TRs are boring. "Why don't you post your own?" Why bother? What's the point, other than to let the world know what I've done and how mediocre I am? Who cares, really, unless it's an FA to record for posterity? I'm glad people are getting after it but I don't understand why they need to tell the world about it. Yeah, I've written TRs in the past, but as I've grown older I've become uninterested in sharing my experiences with the world over the Internet. It's become more personal, and far more fulfilling.


I saw a guy last summer wearing a Go Pro on his helmet on the approach to Eldorado Peak...



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but...but...but...but...but... :)


don't i have a reputation as a sweet-heart though? never been banninated. never got geniunely angry at a soul in these parts, be it an old-timer or a newb (at least that i recall). never insisted someone share my politics or threatend them if they didnt'. my english is both coarse and grand, true, like wiping your ass w/ raw silk, so the poet said, but i've never used it in the flaming sense, merely to make more melodious the tedium that is this time slowly ticking away...


just trying to push back ever so slightly on the whole "everybody's a jerk around here" idea that seems to be so universally expounded and accepted - i'll take my ball n' stay out of the thread for the rest of the day, i swear on tvash's life :)


hugs n' kisses, people, hugs n' kisses :grin:

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What's the point, other than to let the world know what I've done and how mediocre I am? Who cares, really, unless it's an FA to record for posterity?

I care! I enjoy wasting time at work by reading trip reports by folks on this site, from gnarly Alaska first winter ascents to exotic Oman climbing to just another run-of-the mill trip up the Tooth. It gives me inspiration for new climbs, or good beta for old climbs. The catalog of trip reports on this site is amazing.



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Facts as I see them from my one sided old and crotchety view

Wingnuts like raindawg bring people to this site for the banter or to see what kind of smack is running out of his mouth :)...

If you use too much technology this site will get clogged up like outer sites that are so fast moving and clogged up with wasted band width you will loose people

photo download is slow but do we want the treads clogged up

The thing I like about this site the most, is the mods and owners believe in JUSTICE...not LAW and ORDER

If it ain't broke dont fix it

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