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play it extra safe of the snow, recent avi death


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2 recent climax avalanches - 6' crown - in Sibley Creek basin (trail to Hidden Lake Peak). It's kind of rare not to see one there, given that its a steep tefturf farm in there. Lots of windloading, some cornices, but no other significant slides uba ubabserved. It's damn warm up there. Not that I'm complaining - the skiing was actually pretty good above a certain skittering altitude and the weather was stunning.



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wise sir do not grieve

it is always better to avenge dear ones

than to indulge in mourning

for every one of us living in this world

means waiting for our end

let he who can achieve glory before death

when a warrior is gone

that will be his best and only bulwark


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I ran into Franklin twice in some far-off reaches of the Cascades and usually saw him at the Bulger dinners. He was a great guy who loved being in the mountains as much as anybody I've ever met. He had a photo journal of summit registries which I hope will live on.

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I just read that article and realized it was Frank. He was a force of nature who loved the mountains and the many people who shared his numerous alpine explorations - and that love came through strong and clear at his Bulger party presentation in November. He knew our mountains as few are lucky enough to.


RIP, Frank.

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