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Pretty new to backcountry skiing and finally broke down and bought a setup. But I still need to buy skins. I bought BD aspect skis and was wonder best brand and bang for your buck. I also see them pop up from time to time used. Is it worth it or just buy new?

Any info is welcome


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If they're in good shape and fit your skis (the hardest part to get to line up) there's nothing wrong with going used, but that's if you can find them, and in the time frame you need them. You might spend months trying to find some used skins that fit your needs.


A lot of people swear by G3.. most of the G3 skins I've had experience with have been fine, but I did get a set of HT splitboard skins that had bad glue... so my love for G3 is naturally diminished. We'll see how the replacement set holds up.


I ptetty much never hear anything bad about BD's Ascention skins... I had no problems with the set I had, and got them for a righteous on sale price from REI- like $90 or something. No idea if you'd be able to find a similar deal right now, though.... it's the season, afterall.

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