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Take care of those sesamoids. In my experience, the best thing to do at this point is rest your foot and very gradually resume climbing and other foot-intensive activities only when the swelling or pain has subsided. If your symtpoms persist, don't ignore them as sesamoiditis can become a chronic problem as it has for me.

Dr. Richard Bouché is the guy to see in Seattle if you want orthotics.


I have reconsidered the use of all soft rock shoes like the moccasym in favor for stiffer shoes like the tc pro. A looser fitting shoe is also a good idea.

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I second Cam Yarder's vote for Dr. Richard Bouché. I went to the NW Foot & Ankle Center and had lots of tests done before being refered to Bouche for a 2nd opinion.


My sesimoids were knocked out of place in a motorcycle accident. Bouche did the surgury to remove them. Over the past year, he was very attentive to my concerns as a climber and back country skier. He took the time to explain a lot of things where most doctors would hurry you out so they can get to the next appointment.

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