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[TR] Mt. Rainier - Muir - Christmas Lights + Large Battery = ??? 1/7/2014

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Trip: Mt. Rainier - Muir - Christmas Lights + Large Battery = ???


Date: 1/7/2014


Trip Report:


Audrey outside the Muir hut. Click for a larger version on 500px.com


Larger versions of these pictures are on Facebook, feel free to add to your feed if you want.


Happy New Year everyone. Audrey and I brought Christmas lights and large battery up to Camp Muir for some pictures to help close out the holiday season and bring in the new year. I carried the 5 pound battery :).



Rock climber turned Alpinist. Iphone pic.



I met this astronaut-looking person up around 7,500ft. Iphone pic.



Wind gusts picking fights as the sunset. Around 9,000 feet. Iphone pic.



Respite from the gusts in the Muir hut.



Decorating for the holidays.



Ran into Olegv getting ready for sleep. Their Nisqually Ice Cliff attempt turned into a Gibraltar Ledges climb after seeing that the route wouldn't go.






A beautiful night. Spindrift allowing for ray-tracing.



Self-portrait overlooking the Cowlitz Glacier.



More Christmas posing.



Me watching Olegv and his partner make their way up the Gibraltar Ledge route around 5am. Composite of around 15-20 images over ~1.5 hours.



Audrey heading down back to the car. That pack looks big. Iphone pic.


Copied from my blog.


Gear Notes:

Crampons advised, snow shoes with good traction prob OK. Brought skis as well - there's quite a bit to be had.


Approach Notes:

Icy as fuck just above panorama point to around 8000.

Edited by lukeh

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kudos for some great pics and a nice experience! Star filled night on Rainier is hard to beat, but the Christmas lights are a comeup for sure

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That's really cool. Seriously. I wish I had been up there to see it with my own eyes, but your pictures are a great consolation prize. How many many hours did you get outta one motorcycle battery?


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Thanks all. Fairweather - it was actually a special battery that was a bit larger than a motorcycle battery. It did not perform as expected so I could only get stills vs. a timelapse unfortunately. Maybe 1.5 hours. The cold probably had something to do with it, I think a Lithium Ion battery might have been better.

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I'm sure Li-Ion would perform much better, but if you already have the battery, I would think 4-6 hand warmer packs and a bit of foam would go a long way in improving performance- and it'd be light.


You look to be using some top end glass, what are your lenses of choice in the hills?


And, though it is obvious, those are fantastic images!

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Thanks Jason/SacredSilly. Jason I would say 85%+ are with my Canon 16-35mm f2.8L lens, but sometimes I bring my 70-200mm f4 for telephoto shots. The nicest UWA lens I think is Nikon's 14-24 though, especially for night shots. It's big, heavy, and expensive though.

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sheeit, where's oleg's tr?!?


never gonna go wrong w/ a high-powered photo-shot w/ nice lights, mountains n' chica :)

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