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New bolts on hanging gardens, broughtens bluff


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Presumably the same person added a bolt to the left variation start to P1 of Hanging Gardens as well as to Giant's Staircase. Both of these bolts were placed near naturally protectable sections of the respective climbs. Same Climb X hangers, same steel studs and the same time-frame. Both of these bolts were removed by a local climber.


Of the four new bolts leading up to the base of Sesame Street, I removed the highest one (old hole is puttied up). This one was placed within a yard (horizontally) of a large nut placement that would stop a train. Though I don't agree with any of these bolts being placed on a classic, established line, it didn't seem right to remove them all until getting more feedback.


While up there, I replaced the anchor at the base of Sesame Street with a pair of SS Fixe double-ring hangers. The old anchor was looking pretty junky/rusty.








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With regard to righteous indignation over chopping and retro-bolting, this incident would seem a far more appropriate application and one with a ready solution at hand. The fact they'd buy anything from climb-x alone tells you up front they lack the judgment to be bolting at all.

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