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[TR] Mist Falls - ? 12/6/2013


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Trip: Mist Falls - ?


Date: 12/6/2013


Trip Report:

The Columbia River Gorge has some ice! Mist Falls, while a little bit wet, is climbable. A nice, easy 1 pitch route.


Gear Notes:

A few screws.


A pic or two here-



Approach Notes:

From Portland, take exit 28 to Bridal Veil Falls and continue east on Historic Highway a couple miles to a pullout on the right just before Wahkeena falls. A trail leads up to the base of the route.

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Thanks! I found this link, and, though it doesn't say "Mist Falls," I think it's beta on the same place



Looks like there's potential for multiple other moderate lines there. You by chance get a look at any of them, aside from the one you said had some sketchy icicles hanging above it?


I have not climbed ice in the Gorge, which is why I have so many questions.

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Was there the past two days. Both sides are fat as all hell and were getting fatter today. Roped up and climbed the left side, placed 3 screws, belayed up high to the left, escaped left and downclimbed. Ice was thick enough for a v-thread but didn't have the tool...


The right side was fun also, long traverse right through crazy 4" diameter iced over slide alder then easy down climbing. SO AWESOME!

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